A Little Diddy.

4 06 2010

The other Saturday, I didn’t have anything better to do, so I put together this little deal.  It’s just Garageband, but if you don’t know Garageband, it’s new to you!  Check it out!

Gary Larson

Far Sidearageband, it's all new to you! anyway check it out!


The Badness

4 06 2010

Okay, here’s a fun little thing to share – Bad Lieutenant again, but don’t worry, this is absolutely the last post about that wicked awesome movie. Here’s the link right here:

The Bad One

Research Topic: Busted Bubble

24 04 2010

For my research assignment, I’ll cover a little bit of the events and circumstances surrounding the dot-com bubble and sequential bust.

The bubble came about due to the untested nature of the new tech companies and a load of available venture capital whose keepers were more than willing to forgo the more traditional avenues of investment in favor of chancing upon the potentially hot new tech stock.  Companies were quick to catch on to this and wave after wave of new start-ups were quick to stick a prefix on their name(E-surrance, Anything.com).  Of course, as soon as some investors start to rush, others are willing to join in the more (perceived) shared risk.

So, while there was no shortage of investment capital, there was a shortage of business plans with these companies, as many had no clear plan to profitability.  In fact, many were able to convince investors to keep backing them as they continued to operate at a loss, providing whatever service they might offer for free, in an attempt to capture more of the market share of that type of service in the hope that that could later be utilized to turn a profit.  While some people were able to amass vast fortunes overnight, many didn’t quite grasp the odds of that happening to them.  Many established tech companies at the time also had a run of bad hardware that was struggling to keep up with the rising demands of the software(like the early tablets), and Microsoft was declared a Monopoly, which further hurt stock prices.

So, whatever happened to AOL? Nobody knows.

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Bad (Ass) Lieutenant

24 04 2010

Alright, if I’m gonna write about something of my choice I figure here’s as good a place and time as any to further express my joy that the new Bad Lieutenant w/Nicholas Cage is bad ass!  I can’t recommend it highly enough, funny as crack, my kind of sh*t.  Check some of it out here.

So yeah, that didn’t take all that long, so let me add that Jon Cusack is no action star.  Next thing you know, Martin Short and Sam Rockwell want to be the tough guy.  Forget it.  And Rob Schneider too, I hate that weasel.

So what else is good?  3-D TV, that’ll be fun.  Yeeaah.  Finally, South Park in high-def 3-D.

World, Graham, Graham, World

1 04 2010

Hey there everybody (or just Jason Messerschmidt)!  My name, if you haven’t figured it out, is Graham Straub.  I’m kicking off my 3rd quarter at IPR smack in the middle of Smut Town in Minneapolis, MN.  I moved up here from Sioux Falls, SD just nine short months ago and the differences are unspeakable.  Apparently, people can find things to do around here without getting drunk first, alright, I’m game!  So I was having a hell of a time looking for a new job last summer (we don’t need to get into the details here), it rapidly approached a point were I was going to be flat broke or I had to figure out something new.  Something new ended up being “everything new”, back to school for the first time in 6 or 7 years, more debt over my head than I could handle at my old income in ten years, out with drinking buddies and in with Facebook, and a general sense of impending judgement (tick-tock).  Not really doom, but a definite feeling of time running out.  Maybe I just need to get laid, but I sure as hell am not going to drive back to Sioux Falls for that(not yet).  Anyway, Graham from Sioux Falls goes to IPR and misses his care-free previous existence, despite it’s unrewarding nature, because it was so, so easy.  I’m just old enough to have not been raised with the internet, but I like to think of that as somewhat of a strength, as least I know how to talk to people face to face, maybe not as important as it once was, but it’s still got to be done.  I can figure out how to put a widget on here, somehow.  Well, I’m sure whoever is reading this is just bursting with inquiry regarding the more colorful aspects of my life, feel free to post any comments and I’ll reply, although I’m sure the load will be staggering in it’s volume.